Recurrent giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma with 10 years follow up. Case report and review of literature

Etienne El-Helou, Mersad Alimoradi, Hassan Sabra, Jessica Naccour, Marwan M.Haddad, Henri Bitar

Accepted 19 September 2020


This case is of a patient with a recurrent giant retroperitoneal liposarcoma, followed-up and operated multiple times over 10 years. We report this case because of its rarity and review all previous articles reporting “Giant Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma” in the English literature.

Case description
A 70 years old man presented to our clinic for dizziness and fatigue. He was incidentally found to have a large retroperitoneal mass filling all the length of the abdominal cavity and shifting all intraabdominal viscera and kidney to the left side. En bloc excision of a 50 × 30 × 18 cm, 9 kg tumor was performed. Final pathology revealed a well-differentiated liposarcoma. Five years later, the patient was reoperated for recurrence and a well-differentiated liposarcoma was excised in 2 pieces (the biggest measuring 14 × 11 × 7 cm) along with the appendix. Four years later the patient was operated on again for a second recurrence, and again a well-differentiated liposarcoma (16 × 10 × 7 cm) extending into the right inguinal canal was excised. One year thereafter, the patient was diagnosed with a third recurrence (22 × 12 cm).

Retroperitoneal Liposarcomas are rare tumors, presenting with different histological differentiation. They are diagnosed using multiple imaging modality, mainly CT scan, and it is confirmed by percutaneous large core needle biopsy. R0 Surgical excision remains the proper treatment for non-metastatic tumors, which may necessicate multiorgan resection. They rarely grow to reach a large size and be labled as “Giant Retroperitoneal Liposarcoma”.

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