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Ethics Committee Overview

The Ethics Committee (EC) was established in 2009, in response to a need to develop the pillars of the Hospital’s mission- Education, Innovation, and RESEARCH.

It acts as a forum assigned to consider, debate, study, take action on, or report on ethical issues that arise in patient care.

Human subjects research within Mount Lebanon Hospital is guided by regulations. The executive committee:

  • Appoints a responsible for maintaining the development of and compliance with all human subjects research policies and procedures.
  • Assumes responsibility for patient protection irrespective of the research
  • Recognizes and establishes mechanisms of compliance with regulatory and professional requirements related to research.
  • Ensures that there is a source of indemnity insurance to adequately compensate patients participating in clinical research who experience an adverse event.

Human subject research within Mount Lebanon Hospital is not conducted to inpatients but only outpatients; therefore admission and/or transfer criteria to a specialized ward due to research and/or another specialized program is not required (MA-P-18).

Patients and families are informed about how to gain access to clinical research/ investigation/ trials relevant to their treatment needs.

The investigator wishing to conduct clinical trial at Mount Lebanon Hospital, should fill in form MA-F-35 Clinical Trial Application Form in Human Subjects, to describe the elements of the trial to the Conducted and get access to Patient Information- MC-F-134.

The clinical trials (retrospective, prospective, interventional, etc..) are received by the Ethics Committee and the final decision is communicated to the Principal Investigator (see MA-P-20 Review of Clinical Trials).

The Ethics Committee operates under the understanding of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) under the guidance of the Declaration of Helsinki. And so, it requires that the medical personnel involved in human subjects research, is trained and proficient in the proper conduct of Human Research (obtaining NIH training or CITI training, or other validated GCP training..).

You can access the course on: for each participant.

Committee Members

  • Dr. Elie Gharios, Chairman
  • Dr. Khalil Khouri, Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Ghazy Sakr, General Secretary
  • Ms. Roula Khawand, Secretary
  • Dr. Marie Merheb, Member
  • Dr. Mirna Fares, Member
  • Dr. Patricia Shuhaiber, Pharmacy
  • Mr. Abdo Lahoud, Lawyer
  • Ms. Maria Haddad, Head Nurse
  • Ms. Jeanne D’arc Mattar, Community Member
  • Dr. Carine Feghali, Community Member
  • Ms. Carine Nassar, Psychologist
  • Ms. Yousra Hamadeh, Community Member
  • Mr. Charbel Boustany, Community Member

Upcoming Meetings

  • March 10,2020
  • June 09,2020
  • September 08,2020
  • December 08,2020