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Founded in 2003 the school of Nursing of Mount Lebanon Hospital has successfully achieved the graduation of 9 generations of registered nurses. Since then it has added the curriculum of Medical secretary to its programs. Students in  the school have the chance to discover the professional life and consider all its benefits while pursuing their education. Each academic year is headed by a responsible in nursing studies and all teachers are selected among the professional community of the hospital. These syllabuses thus give student a practical and hands on experience precious for their development.

The Nursing Services is a fundamental department of MLH UMC dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and excellent Nursing care services to our patients.

We promote a distinguished positive working environment based on motivation, appropriate staffing, respect and open door policy and a support of life long learning for nurses, students, and other health care providers, focusing on continuous quality initiatives, evidence based practice and research. We are committed to career advancement, recruitment and retention of expert resources.

The nursing staff faced many challenges such new technology, informatics, accreditation standards and advancements in the nursing profession, but we succeeded to cope to change in a positive way.


Our mission is to provide support and direction to nursing leaders and to members of nursing staff, as well as high quality of care, based on our strong commitment to practice, education, research, innovation and collaboration.


  • To adapt our organization to succeed in a changing environment
  • To work collaboratively as partners with colleagues, individuals, communities and organizations
  • To be a model in excellent nursing care


The Nursing services department is in charge of the nursing care delivery system at MLH UMC.

The Nursing department provides both basic and specialized nursing care to the patients on 24hrs basis through the shift and or call.

Within the scope of assuring that the nursing needs are met appropriately and in a timely manner, the department handles the recruitment, selection, unit assignment, and retention of nurses, as well as their training, orientation, and continuing in-service education.

The challenge has always been to create ways and means to retain the MLH UMC nurses and train them to meet the Hospital requirements. Many initiatives have been taken to retain our nurses by providing them with incentives and the recognition they deserve.

The Nursing administration is also in charge of the Staff Development Program and the Practical Nurse Training Program. Nursing staff are regularly trained and certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Program as part of their induction program. Renewal of certification every year has also been introduced

Every nurse is subject to an individual annual training plan, which could exceed 30 hrs a year

One of the distinguished activities of the Nursing Service is to hold various Quality Assurance Programs. We have the direct responsibility for the continued assessment and improvement of the quality of services provided based on the following indicators. These reports are documented reported and reviewed regularly.

  • Incidence of falls
  • Incidence of pressure sores.
  • Incidence of medication errors
  • Patient identification
  • Nursing audits on different procedures
  • Continuous education done by the nursing staff
  • Competency testing done by the RNs and PNs.

The Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) aims to protect the patients from preventable infection in the hospital setting by providing safe patient care. The hospital infection control coordinator is involved in identifying and attempting to prevent infection through (i) General survey of all the wards every month (II) Hospital acquired infection survey every month (III) Education programs for all levels of staff.

Our Structure

The department is being headed by a Nursing Director who is currently being assisted by 5 Assistant Nursing Directors, who are charged with the tasks of overseeing together with the ward Managers the total patient care. The Ward managers ensure the patient wellbeing in liaison with other services and the clinical department of the hospital.

The department is a single largest department has over 180 nurses, 19 Nurse Managers, and 140 Practical Nurse. The department has 20 units; 17 in-patient and 4 out-patient including the theatres and other special diagnostic and treatment units.