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The people of Lebanon are suffering, today more than ever, they are suffocating.

Indeed, the tragic combination of humanitarian, economic, financial and healthcare crises has taken a heavy toll on the day-to-day lives of the Lebanese.

To mitigate the pain felt by the people, MLH has created an emergency fund to extend its world class healthcare to patients who cannot afford to medically take care of themselves.

Please help us by donating to this fund. Your generosity and kindness will go a long way in helping those who need it the most.

Indeed, Lebanon has been enduring multiple crises and degrading levels of quality of life for months. Importantly, the bankruptcy and incompetence of the state and government have dramatically reduced the support for hospitals across the country; in addition, the increase in the costs of supplies has added a considerable burden on the healthcare industry making it difficult to sustain itself.

It is common knowledge that the indirect costs related to imports of healthcare supplies have drastically risen. The average price increase from January to August 2020 has reached 260% on consumable medical supplies. Moreover, after the dramatic Aug 4 deadly blast, several supply chains were interrupted in the country. This, along with the destruction of hospitals in the Capital and shut down of around 800 hospital beds in Beirut led to the increase need of support to assist all patients especially those in need of chronic care. Mount Lebanon Hospital is highly engaged in supporting the practices of physicians and patients from those hospitals being rehabilitated. In order to provide the care needed, we need the support of generous donations for the purchase of additional hospital beds and medical supplies. The most needed supplies today are Dialysis filters, gloves, masks, sutures, chemotherapy medication and patient beds.

For the first time in 25 years that Mount Lebanon Hospital solicits your help. Mount Lebanon Hospital is accredited by JCI and affiliated with the University of Balamand faculty of medicine and has a mission to promote the quality of healthcare at its best. These milestones and achievements were accomplished in the vision of providing the best healthcare available in the Middle-East, to all.

With the COVID 19 pandemic, consumption of medical supplies has drastically risen, moreover, USD 450 000 were invested in opening a pandemic floor to accommodate COVID-19 patients.

MLH UMC also collaborates with several NGOs to further support patients especially in cancer treatment (faireface, barbara nassar,…) both financially and mentally.

Every year, Mount Lebanon Hospital and the Gharios Family contribute an average of USD 900 000 to cover the costs of healthcare of needy people. This sums up to 1000 families yearly benefiting from access to quality healthcare and needed support.

This year up until August, over USD 550 000 were already invested at the service of the community. If the trend persists, the need for financial support by the end of 2020, will reach USD 1.3M thus, we will need an extra USD 400 000 to assist the families in need.

Moreover, USD 50 000 of supplies were used over one night -equivalent today to approximately LBP 350 000 care for the 400+ explosion victims that arrived at Mount Lebanon Hospital. These expenses are not fully provided for by the ministry of health allocations to the care of victims of the Beirut explosion. The consumption of one night was equivalent to the consumption of the entire months of June and July. In the meantime, it’s worth noting that the staff response to the catastrophe was exemplary, 430 out of 800 employees showed up to help the 400+ recorded wounded victims who were able to reach the hospital. We were fortunate to have the possibility to use our new building capacity to accommodate patients in 2 additional units.

Your support today is crucial to help us sustain our mission and vision of providing high quality healthcare to the people of Lebanon regardless of their social status, origin or religion.

Help us support those families in need and reach out to a wider community.

Let us never forget the real soldiers of this terrible year, all the workers and volunteers in healthcare. Rescue teams, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, hospital staff…

Thank you for being there,
comforting and healing,
helping and giving your all.
You are the resilient lebanese people, the fighters who will rebuild our country.

Thank you for

MLH Solidarity Fund

Mount Lebanon Hospital
Mikhael Gharios st,
Hazmieh, Lebanon
P.O. Box: 470

Byblos Bank

From outside Lebanon

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