Mount Lebanon Hospital renovates all medication preparation rooms and areas

In 2002, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a Morbidity and Mortality report, which advised that “clinicians should consider the possibility of improperly compounded medications as a source of infection in patients.” With patient safety in mind, and to be in line with the most current recommendations related to environmental control for drug compounding, Mount Lebanon Hospital launched a huge project – renovate all medication preparation areas. In a joint effort from several departments, each in his field of expertise: the nursing department for design functionality, the infectious disease control team for best recommendations, the pharmacy department for coordination and supervision on best design for proper medication management and storage, and with great efforts from the engineering maintenance team the project was a big success. The work from design to construction and execution was accomplished in approximately one year. The layouts and designs were studied carefully before initiation to ensure efficient and timely implementation. All the work was done with the required safety precautions. All rooms and preparations areas are standardized in all departments. They are designed to be secure using a badge-swipe system to limit access only to authorized personnel. Appropriate lighting and controlled noise level are also key features to provide the safest, distraction free environment for the nurses during preparation.  Temperature and humidity control for both employees comfort during compounding and medication stability are thoroughly regulated and monitored. To ensure a clean preparation environment, all countertops and drawers are in non-shedding material and far from contamination sources such as sinks and sharp containers. Countertops are also free of clutter with non-drug items placed in a dedicated, easy to reach storage area. All of the staff is pleased with the end result.Leave a reply