Mount Lebanon Hospital celebrates its Nurses

“Nurses are at the core of this institution” began the Honorary President Dr. Elie Gharios in his opening speech. The latter thanked each and every department for their hard work and devotion.
The General Director Dr. Nazih Gharios followed with the story of “The Lady with the Lamp” Ms. Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing. He pointed out that the annual International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on her birthday and that it stands as a constant reminder of the essence of the profession; devotion, care and conscientiousness.
The Quality Director Ms. Roula Gharios Zahar continued by reading several patient satisfaction feedbacks to thank the Nurses for their contribution to the hospital success and solid reputation.
Finally, the Director of Nursing Ms. Lina Aoun focused on the different activities being carried in the hospital for Nurses development such as the Rapid Response Team, new positions and job opportunities, and emphasized on the importance given to Nurses retention within the institution.

The different speeches were followed by a show of entertaining science activities performed by fun scientist Nancy Zady Iskandar and Elie Metri. They perform the shows for birthdays and special events and also, present the “Crazy Lab” show on MTV Lebanon. They demonstrate the fun in science, and given the audience’s reactions, they easily succeed to do so. The event was followed by a cocktail.

The audience was very eager to learn and participate in several demonstrations, proving again that motivation and continuous learning is an integral part of the institution.
The event was a success and gave the hospital the opportunity to celebrate one of its most important assets.

Maya Harb, PharmD

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