Lebanon: Best Cancer Treatment in the Middle East?

Lebanon is competing with the most developed countries in cancer treatment   Cancer is one of the most important causes of fatalities in the world, due to its vicious nature and its resistive cells that are capable of invading surrounding tissue and destroying it. However, with recent medical breakthroughs cancer treatments which include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cancer surgery and radiotherapy, have improved considerably. Still, the real breakthrough is in the presence of a treatment plan that combines two or more modalities thus offering the most updated solution to all cancer patient.   In Lebanon, Mount Lebanon Hospital is a pioneer and to shed light on this subject is Dr Elie Gharios, Medical Director of Mount Lebanon Hospital.   Mount Lebanon Hospital is one most pioneering establishments in cancer treatment, what vision pushes you to continuously evolve and pioneer in this field?   The Vision for cancer treatment in Mount Lebanon Hospital depends on: First, the human aspect relies on continuous follow-ups as well as providing a decent way of life to the cancer patient. When we started our program, the main goal was to improve the conditions in which cancer patients were being treated. This lead to extensive investments in recruiting and educating our staff.   In addition, the most sophisticated, the most recent and the most needed medications availability is our top priority although this is not always present in all Lebanese treatment units. Finally, equipment is also crucial regarding the treatment issue. In fact, we were the first to operate advanced cancer treatment devices in Lebanon and we are still pioneers in that field.     If all cancer treatments are cutting-edge in Lebanon is there any reason to get the treatment abroad?   The treatments available in Lebanon and especially in Mount Lebanon Hospital are the same as those in the most developed of countries. It is also worth noting that the Medical field in Lebanon is one of the most innovative and developed in the country through the many services it provides and its constant technological upgrades. Lebanese doctors and hospitals are classified as the best in the whole Middle East, and Lebanese standards are the same when compared to international ones.   How do you maintain your pioneering role in cancer treatment? Our hospital has two strategies to maintain our pioneering credentials:   The first strategy follows the results of deep studies and surveys for all fatality recorded and this pushes doctors to provide the best care they can to extend the patient’s life and wellness. This is known as the Morbidity Morality System.   The second strategy revolves around the Multidisciplinary Team, also known as MDT where all specialists meet to study the many types of cancer illnesses. MDT contributes enormously in exchanging past experiences between colleagues which gives the hospital certainty that the patient is getting the best possible treatment.   As for the devices, we have the following plans to improve, among many others…
  • The Lab’s performance which is critical in identifying and keeping track of cancer Illnesses and its treatment.
  • Radiotherapy: Mount Lebanon Hospital was the first Hospital to incorporate LINear ACcelerator (LINAC) in its cancer treatment and with the advancement of these types of treatment the Hospital has adapted with the trend.
  • PET Scan: The first PET Scan device to be available in Lebanon was at Mount Lebanon Hospital back in 2001. The Hospital remained the unique operator of this detection device for nearly a decade and is committed on staying at the fore-front of cancer detection devices.
  It is to note that three dedicated floors are put at the disposition of oncology patients, for a better service, a better educated nursing team, and a more convenient atmosphere.   How important is the conference that is being held by Mount Lebanon Hospital regarding cancer illnesses on the 27th of January? This conference gathers doctors specializing in cancer treatment from Mount Lebanon Hospital and other Hospitals. Its aim is to keep Lebanon on the front row when it comes to implementing cutting-edge treatments that have a proven track record. The other goal is the exchange of knowledge and experiences between working doctors in the same field. Finally, more than 15 research papers related to cancer will be presented which will help empower research trials.Leave a reply