First fetal surgery, for congenital abnormality of the Diaphragm, in Lebanon.

Mount Lebanon Hospital invests in rare fetal surgery

Beirut, Nov. 14, 2017. Press Release – For immediate release The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mount Lebanon Hospital is proud to announce the success of the first “Fetoscopy for plug insertion in congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia” in Lebanon. Dr. Gihad CHALOUHI, fetal surgeon at Mount Lebanon Hospital, in collaboration with Professor Jacques Jani, pioneer in the field of fetal medicine, performed two interventions on a fetus. The interventions aimed at improving the life prognosis and lung volume of the fetus. This intervention is the first performed on a fetus in Lebanon. The fetus was diagnosed at the fifth month of pregnancy with a congenital malformation of the left diaphragm, allowing the bowel to go up in the thorax. This abnormality stops the growth of the lungs if it is not treated. This deficiency would limit breathing at birth and cause the death of the fetus. The surgery consists of introducing through the abdominal wall of the mother, and inside her uterus, a scope (camera) that allows to visualize the fetus. The scope is then inserted in the mouth of the baby and into his trachea (intubation). Under direct visualization, a balloon is inflated and released in the trachea to increase significantly the lungs’ volume. Dr. CHALOUHI and Pr. JANI inserted successfully the balloon early October. The follow up consisted of multiple ultrasound examinations on the fetus to observe the effect of the balloon placement. The response of the lung was impressive, with a significant expansion of its volume, confirming the success of the initial intervention. On Nov. 13 2017, the ideal lung volume was reached; Dr. CHALOUHI and Pr. JANI performed the second fetoscopy in Lebanon to remove the balloon. “Mount Lebanon Hospital is currently expanding to a 430 bed facility; its focus will remain on continuous innovation and excellence in Healthcare by providing quality care and making it accessible to every Lebanese”, said Dr. Nazih Gharios, Chairman and General Director of the board at Mount Lebanon Hospital. “We will continue to be a pioneer in healthcare in Lebanon” said Dr. Elie Gharios, General Director and  Medical Director at Mount Lebanon Hospital. For more information contact: 05 957000-1000 Mount Lebanon Hospital is a JCI accredited organization equipped with the most innovative technologies. The Medical Center is dedicated to provide all patients, without discrimination, with the best standards in medical care, quality and safety.  


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