Dr. Antoine Abi Abboud: All That You Need To Know About Gluteal Augmentation.

  Plastic surgeons see major trend as requests for Gluteal Augmentation continue to grow, thanks to pop culture figures like Kim Kardashian. Dr. Antoine Abi Abboud, Head of Plastic Surgery at Mount Lebanon Hospital shares with you all of what you need to know about Gluteal Augmentation.     The 4 options that are available to women:  
  1. Implants:
  Butt implants provide women with the best shape and guarantee the longest results. Moreover, the makeup of these implants is specially altered to endure the strain from the gluteal muscles.   This method, over the past years, was achieved by placing the implants directly under the skin. This mode of operation, however, does not produce the best results even though it is still performed by many doctors. Raul Gonzalez, enhanced this method by inserting these implants into the muscle. The incision is made 4 cm beneath the lower back and is centered between the gluts in a way that it the scar is not visible when the patient is standing. Also, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia or an epidural injection.   Women need to realize that they cannot insert a large implant within the muscle, the size should be enough to give the woman a beautiful natural form.  
  1. Lipofilling:
  Lipofilling (fat transfer or structural fat grafting) uses the patient’s own fat as a permanent filler to add volume to soft tissues. The fat is harvested with thin cannulas, through small incisions, using conventional liposuction and is used to enlarge the buttocks. This technique is considered safe and has developed a lot over the last decade but can be prone to error if the fat was injected hap hazardly.   Costantino Mendieta from the United States devised a way through which the ass can be divided in order to determine the appropriate amount of lipofillers that are needed to obtain an ideal shape. It should be noted that the trend was liposuction of the gluteus, but today the trend had moved to maintaining and enhancing the form of the woman. This process of enhancing and magnifying the women’s backside is termed as “Brazilian Butt.”  
  1. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
  This option is considered the easiest option and is non-invasive, through the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers into the buttocks. This procedure leaves no traces or scars, which is why it remains the go-to procedure for many women but it is very expensive to perform and maintain since these fillers dissolve within a years time. The hyaluronic acid fillers bear resemblance to the fillers that are used for the face and are also used in liposuction to help shape and mold a women’s silhouette.  
  1. Body Contouring:
When there is a general sagging in the body and a sagging in the buttocks, this creates a need for a hip lift as well. The incision is made between the two sections of the buttocks and a piece of material made from skin and tissue is used to cover the wound. These three procedures (tummy tuck, butt life and hip lift) are often complimentary.   What complications can arise from Gluteal Augmentation?   The use of hyaluronic acid is almost risk free, but you should be aware of the risk of inflammation if the technique is not performed correctly.   With implants however, wound inflammation is the worst that can happen, and there may be a need to remove the implant to be restored at a later period   Is there a need to sculpt the waist when you enlarge the buttocks in order to get the perfect shape?   In order to get the perfect result, it is preferable that the waist is sculpted. If the woman is using lipofillers, the fat is extacted from the waist and then used to enlarge the buttocks. If the woman resorts to implants, the waist may be sculpted in the same surgery or in a later one.   What should we pay attention to when opting for Gluteal Augmentation?   Women should pay attention to injecting substances that are insoluble in the body such as silicon or hydrogels, since this may lead to poisoning and to death.   Can you combine Gluteal Augmentation techniques?   Lipofillers and using implants can be combined. If the woman chooses to inject the fat first, we can insert an implant if they want to further enlarge their buttocks.   Why was the procedure called “Brazilian Butt?”   Brazilian women are known for the distinctive shape of their backside, and have been represented by several women around the world.   In Brazil, if the woman’s backside does not fit the general shape, she uses cosmetic surgery to get that effect.   Are all the procedures you mentioned available at Mount Lebanon Hospital?   Yes, all options are available in the Plastic Surgery Department at Mount Lebanon Hospital so women can choose what suits them best.  Leave a reply