Cryopreservation media differentially affect sperm motility, morphology and DNA integrity

G. Raad , 2,*L. Lteif, 3 R. Lahoud, 1 J. Azoury, 1 J. Azoury, 2 J. Tanios, 3,†M. Hazzouri and 1,†J. Azoury

Online 2018 July,


Introduction: Human sperm freezing is very widely used for male fertility preservation. This procedure consists in adding cryoprotectants to the spermatozoa followed by cooling and storing the spermatozoa at a subzero temperature. Many standardized cryopreservation media are available on the market. However, these media differ in their chemical composition and there are no sufficient data to optimize their classification. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare five commercially available sperm cryopreservation media, which have not been compared together, in terms of motility, morphology and DNA integrity.

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