Communication skills – Mental candy coaching program

The communication skill – Mental candy coaching program was held on several dates in Mount Lebanon Hospital for all employees. Knowing that medical information can often be overwhelming, daunting and difficult to grasp, explaining and delivering a message in the most clear concise and consistent way is paramount. This program serves this purpose well; it allows using communication to improve the provision of care and to develop people skills which are critical for effective interpersonal relationships and organization success. The coaching is done by Mr. Samir Elias Zehil. Mr. Zehil is the founder of Wydner Coaches & Associates.  They introduced Coaching to Lebanon and neighboring countries, with their clients ranging from upper-managers, CEOs, politicians and employees of big companies in the USA, Sweden and the Gulf area. The first part of the program Communication skills” focuses on customer care. It aims at putting the patient at the center of the services provided, knowing that the capability to effectively communicate is crucial to his healing process. It reminds the attendees that every individual opinion counts and that every action taken reflects immediately on the whole organization. It highlights communication mistakes often made without realizing. Mistakes ranging from the way people express themselves or how they listen to others, to their appearance and body language. It also pinpoints different “Faux-pas” tailored to the Lebanese society followed by practical solutions referred to by the speaker as the “Golden rules”. The second part the Mental candy program” touches the audience at a deeper and personal level. It helps foster their individual happiness by identifying negative and positive emotions. It provides applicable strategies and tools to reduce and handle daily stressors. All of which can be applied both on a daily basis within their personal lives and in the work place. Optimal patient care does not only rely on the medical services provided but also on the environment in which it is delivered. The comfort of the patients, their families and the caregivers are of primary importance. Excellence in healthcare can only be achieved in a professional, respectful, supportive and positive environment. It is with a big SMILE that the employees left the auditorium – it was obvious that the message was clearly received and appreciated.Leave a reply