A non-klatskin tumor: A case report and review of intrabiliary hydatid cyst rupture

Mersad Alimoradi, Etienne El-Helou, Hassan Sabra, Pierre Hani, Raja Wakim


A 64-year-old lady was diagnosed with having a klatskin type 3A tumor based on imaging, however, an alternative diagnosis was achieved during surgery.

Case Presentation
We present a case of a 64-year-old lady who presented for new-onset jaundice and was diagnosed with type 3A klatskin tumor based on MRCP findings. During surgery, it was revealed that the obstruction was caused by a frank intrabiliary hydatid cyst perforation. Choledocoscopy with irrigation, cholangiography, and removal of the mother cyst were performed, and an end-to-end biliary anastomosis over a t-tube was then done. The patient tolerated the intervention and recovered well.

Intrabiliary hydatid cyst perforation can mimic cholangiocarcinoma and must be considered as an alternative diagnosis in these patients prior to surgery.

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