A giant mesenteric fibromatosis adherent to the appendix and colonic wall, case report

Etienne El-Helou, Mersad Alimoradi, Hassan Sabra, Jessica Naccour, Mariana Zaarour, Marwan M. Haddad, Henri Bitar


Mesenteric fibromatosis, is a rare neoplasm arising usually from the bowel mesentery, with intermediate behavior and local invasion potential. They can be sporadic or related to multiple factors contributions.
They usually presents as an asymptomatic growth of intraabdominal mass, and can reach a large diameter before symptoms appearance. Surgical excision is the definitive treatment when achievable.

Case Presentation
In this case we present a case of 34 years old gentleman, presenting for painless abdominal distension, and found to have a giant mesenteric fibromatosis of 23 cm diameter and 4.5 kg arising from the appendix and colonic mesentery. Treated surgically, and was free of recurrence after 1 year follow up.

We report this rare case to encourage physicians to keep this etiology in mind as part of the differential diagnosis of unspecific abdominal mass.

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