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We will reach a capacity of 30 ICU beds dedicated for COVID-19 patients, as well as 3 regular floors with 54 beds specialized for COVID-19 patients

January 14, 2021
Mount Lebanon Hospital, our fight against COVID-19

“We are currently treating more than 60 patients suffering from COVID-19, ALL our ventilators are currently used and our ER is full.” – ELIE GHARIOS M.D. – Medical Director – General Manager.

On January 20, 2021, we will reach a capacity of 30 ICU beds dedicated for COVID-19 patients, as well as 3 regular floors with 54 beds specialized for COVID-19 patients and fully equipped with Negative Pressure, to offer the maximum protection to our staff. Ventilators, Monitors and much needed Oxygen -paid for in foreign currency- are hard to obtain, whereas payments are delayed and paid in local currency. We have not received any donation of equipment despite many promises from official authorities and NGOs. We will however, keep on assisting the needs of the population and remain faithful to our mission, while the situation keeps on worsening.

Despite the several disasters that this year has brought, our new building has allowed us to progressively expand and transfer into new spaces. This was an opportunity to offer the maximum safety, capacity and comfort to our patients while allowing us to implement the necessary changes to install Negative Pressure systems in our floors. “Everything was made possible thanks to the various teams that work relentlessly in our institution with passion and care.” NAZIH GHARIOS M.D. – CEO – General Manager.

Our Healthcare Workers are exhausted, we are keen on offering them motivation and opportunity, however all efforts have limits. “The two essential components that are missing are a Qualified Workforce – Healthcare workers able to deal with the situation- and adequate Medical Equipment that we can no longer afford on our own.” – JEAN ABI HAIDAR – Administrative Director.

The Nursing Body is made of Humans; they are dedicated people who do their job while fighting their fears and pushing their boundaries. The biggest challenge is motivate our staff to ensure continuity of care while there is a shortage in the workforce, tough work conditions and the psychological burden of increased risk of infection to themselves and their families “We are committed to offer the best we have” – GRACIA DONNA – Nursing Director.

The economic and financial crisis adds an unprecedented burden and handicap to the healthcare system in Lebanon. It is a real struggle to sustain in these tough times, “Our revenues are pegged to the LBP and 20 year old prices while several costs are in scarce foreign currency” – ANTOINE GHARIOS, General Manager. “We are experiencing the worse cash-flow crisis ever, fearing an impending disaster if medication or healthcare becomes unavailable or unaffordable.” – ROULA ZAHAR – General Manager

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