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Established in June 2007, the Diabetes & Obesity center defined its mission in good clinical practice. Integrating medical knowledge and education, this center offers to the patient a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes mellitus and its complications. Staffed by highly-qualified Endocrinologists, a diabetes nurse educator (DNE) and a dietitian, there is no doubt that every patient will have all his/her medical problems addressed during his/her visit to this center. People with diabetes need ongoing care in a patient centered, supportive, and positive environment, without barriers to obtaining care.

The aim of this Center is to provide medical care to All patients, making it readily accessible in a friendly environment. We work on strategic plans to increase the level of awareness of the general public to the morbidities related to obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Due to westernization in the traditional diets of many countries, like some Arab countries and Lebanon, Diabetes will become a pandemic healthcare problem by 2030: the number of people with diabetes worldwide is projected to increase from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million by 2030. In The Middle East, there will a 164% projected rise in the prevalence of Diabetes (an increase from 20 million currently to 58.8 million in 2030). (Hossain et al. NEJM 2007; 356(3): 213).

Diabetes, obesity and hypertension are the main cause of cardiac related mortality, made worse by smoking.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for the Out-Patient clients adds innovative technology superiority and keeps all clinical files updated in a timely manner and connected to other Hospital Facilities (Laboratory exams, X-rays …)-Having everything on hand at the same time.

Education is the mainstay of diabetes prevention and treatment in the 21st Century: patients are now empowered to decide about their disease. Teaching materials and sessions will be available to all patients, adjusted to the sociocultural diversity of our Lebanese and Arab population.

Patients will learn about their disease, its complications, how to treat diabetes and how to gain success in overcoming its burden. Along with lifestyle modification by diet counseling and exercise, bariatric surgery will be offered to selected patients when indicated.

The Diabetes & Obesity Center works hand in hand with other medical specialists in the Hospital, i.e. nephrologists, cardiologists, and ophthalmologists, orthopaedic & vascular surgeons and many others. Standards of care guided by international medical society recommendations form the core of medical care and up-to-date technologies and knowledge govern patient’s approach.


  • Elie Gharios M.D.
    Head of Department
  • Georges Halabi M.D.
  • Ms. Maya Haddad Rbeiz
    Chief Dietician
  • Marie Merheb M.D.
  • Dina Maddah El Gharib M.D.
  • Ms. Anna Parseghian
    Diabetes Nurse Educator

Clinic Appointments

On a daily basis, doctors are available from 11am until 5pm to receive patients and clients in the Center.

To book an appointment, please call the hospital at 00961 5 957 000 extension 1200.