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General Admission Information

Booking for admission must be made through the patient’s attending doctor that has obtained our Hospital Privileges.

You are advised to bring with you the following personal items: pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers, towels, toothbrush and toilet articles. Please do not bring valuable or large sums of money with you, the Hospital is not responsible for any loss. Do not leave your purse, cash, jewellery, watch, portable radio, mobile phone, etc, unattended. Lock up your belongings or leave them with the nurse on duty when you leave your room to go to the toilet, make a telephone call, or go to the Operating Theatre, Delivery Room or Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. For private room patients, please close and lock the door when leaving the room.

Please bring along your Lebanese Identity Card/Passport and deposit for registration on admission along with the admission documents listed in our Patient Info section. (For patients under the age of 18, please provide birth certificate. Parents or guardians of under-aged patients should also bring along their Lebanese Identity Card/ Passport. )

You are required to provide information, such as name, telephone number and Lebanese Identity Card/ Passport number, of a guarantor aged 18 or above. The guarantor should present his/ her Lebanese Identity Card/ Passport to the Hospital for registration purpose.

Documents Required for Admission

Mandatory Documents for all patients:

  1. Patient official Identity document
  2. Hospital admission form filled and signed by the admitting physician and a
  3. Signed informed consent

Additional documents are required depending on the patient coverage and third party payer. In summary:

For NSSF patients:

  1. Two copies of the patient’s Identity Card
  2. NSSF prior or post approval filled by the treating physician
  3. Social investigation “تحقيق اجتماعي “ if any of the patient’s children is covered by the NSSF

For Government Mutual Fund patients Employee Cooperation Fund :

  1. Copy of the patient Identity Card and one of his relatives
  2. Hospital admission form specific to Government Mutual Fund Request for hospitalization to be filled by the treating physician
  3. Guarantor’s approval

For Lebanese Army Patients:

  1. Copy of the medical Identity Card
  2. Medical report filled by the treating physician
  3. Guarantor’s approval

For Internal Security Forces Patients:

  1. Copy of patient Identity Card and Medical Identity Card
  2. Hospital admission template specific to Internal Security Forces
  3. Request templates (form 5) specific to the Internal Security Forces from the admissions’ office
  4. Guarantor’s approval

Municipality of Beirut Patients:

  1. Copy of medical Identity Card
  2. Hospital admission template (form1) specific to Municipality of Beirut from the treating Physician
  3. Guarantor’s approval

Private Insurance Patients:

  1. Copy of patient Identity Card and the insurance Identity Card
  2. Hospital admission form specific to the Guarantor
  3. Guarantor’s approval

Self Payers Patients:

  1. Informed consent filled and signed by the physician and the patient or his legal representative
  2. Admission Form filled and signed by the physician
  3. Copy of patient Identity Card

Discharge and Payment

The hospitalization bill is paid at the cashier in the (B1) floor after being informed by telephone.

The discharge procedures require around two hours starting from the time the medical file is sent to the accounting department.

Infection Control

The infection control committee at Mount Lebanon Hospital continuously monitors and improves procedures and measures to prevent and contain the transmission of contagious diseases from patient to patient, visitor or hospital staff and vice versa.

For the sake of prevention from the common cold an infected person should cover his nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing and avoid visiting patients.

Children under 7 years of age are not allowed in the hospital premises.

A patient can be admitted to an isolation room upon the physician’s prescription. Please follow the instructions posted at the room door.

It is important to clean hands frequently especially after using the toilet and before eating by using soap and rubbing firmly for 30 seconds. Dry hands thoroughly and close the water faucet with the paper towel.

Safety and Comfort

Personal items such as brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, robe, slippers, shaving utensils, shampoo, and towel can be brought by the patient.

Cellular phones are prohibited in certain critical areas. Please follow the posted instructions.

Smoking is not allowed in the hospital premises.

All the drugs used in the hospital are provided by the hospital pharmacy. All the medication should be administered by the nursing staff. Please notify the nurse and your doctor about any medication you are taking. If you have any known allergies please notify your Doctor and the nurse.

The hospital is not responsible for any valuables or belongings. Please do not bring with you any jewelry or valuables.