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  • 4e Colloque International de Beyrouth

    4e Colloque International de Beyrouth

    “L’expérience de la psychothérapie institutionnelle à l’Hôpital Mont Liban montre qu’il est possible de se référer à une classification type DSM tout en pratiquant une psychiatrie relationnelle”.   Programme

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  • Eating disorders: a relationship with food

    Eating disorders: a relationship with food

    Eating disorders are chosen lifestyles based on how people perceive and associate themselves with food. These disorders are serious and can have severe negative consequences on a person’s physiological and psychological well-being if they are not treated. Some common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating. Dr. Karine Nassar, a clinical psychologist at

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  • Clinical psychologist Dala Fakhreddine: Balance is the door to psychological well-being

    Exclusive – Humans are in constant search of psychological well-being and harmony but could spend all their lives without reaching this state. This is all to be blamed on day to day stress and the multitude of challenges that paves the way to this ultimate goal. Well-being might seem a farfetched dream but it

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